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"As a small company we don't have an IT person on staff. I'm glad someone else is managing the security and backup of my data. That is why I chose Attendance on Demand."








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Hosted Time and Attendance:
The Future of Timeclock Software


Advantages of an “On Demand” Solution

Attendance on Demand™ from InfoTronics® offers you a new business model that is replacing traditional time and attendance timeclock software. Unlike other timeclock software vendors that have rushed to retro-fit their legacy systems to look like a true online solution, Attendance on Demand has been designed and built from the ground up based on this architecture.

  • No need to buy and install servers and timecard software at your site.
  • No need to maintain, manage and constantly upgrade servers and timecard software over time.
  • Your data is protected by industry-standard security.
  • You are served by certified, professional technicians.
  • Lower total cost of ownership over time.
  • Less configuration, less complexity, less maintenance cost.
  • Fixed, known IT costs over time.
  • No expensive and disruptive "upgrades" to worry about.
  • No falling behind on versions.
  • Can expand (or contract) with business needs.
  • Databases automatically backed up and protected.
  • Improved customer support response via web.
  • Databases and clocks monitored automatically

Features of Attendance on Demand


Imagine driving your car without a dashboard?  While many other companies say they have dashboards, only Attendance on Demand has a Dashboard that is designed to let managers and supervisors know what is happening at every minute throughout the workday.



Whether it is see who has punched in, made a leave request or how much overtime is being used, all levels of management can see their own specific view of their organizations labor, giving them extreme vision into the daily operation of their organization. Any time, from anywhere, when they want it , On Demand!



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Like the look of Attendance on Demand, but interested in a self-hosted licensed solution? Before you go here to look at our licensed solution, consider that  many of our customers who are eager to reap the benefits from the features of Attendance on Demand, can start with Attendance on Demand and then move to a self-hosted installation.  Sound odd? Not at all. There is complete database mobility between Attendance on Demand and Attendance Enterprise. This means you can start quickly with Attendance on Demand and at your leisure migrate your database to your own in house servers! This migration is completely seamless to users and employees.  Only a short interruption for user access is experienced. Start quickly, finish strong!


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Leverage the InfoTronics singular focus on time and attendance processing, drawing on over 25 years’ experience in labor management technology.


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