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“Attendance on Demand help us identify overtime issues, improve our leave policies and reduce our unscheduled overtime resulting in impressive savings to the company. ”

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How Leave Management module can help reduce unscheduled absences

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Case Study: How a Michigan Firm Reduced Overtime

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Reducing Excessive Overtime – Managing People and Your Business



Mention any overtime expenses (scheduled or unscheduled) to any business owner, manager or first line supervisor and the reaction will be different and mixed at best.  This includes Employees as well. Overtime from anyone’s perspective emits responses based on the individual’s position in the organization. 


The fact is that as employee benefit loadings have continued to soar over the last 20 years, overtime has become a necessary “component” in American companies. Whether an  organization is a 24x7 operation or a single shift operation, the decision to run additional overtime or hire workers is always an issue, especially in the current economic climate. The necessary “balance” that is needed requires the buy-in from the various stake holders including owners, management, supervision and employees.


 The advantages of using overtime include:

  • Overtime can be increased or decreased to match resources to workload demands
  • No additional training is required
  • Budgeted headcounts can remain the same
  • Overtime coverage is usually available without extended notification
  • Most employees want additional work to enhance their week pay


The disadvantages of overtime include:

  • High overtime levels can result in lower morale and decreased productivity
  • Prolonged overtime levels can lead to worker dependency on the additional hours – reducing such time can create worker financial distress and impact employee relations.
  • The increased cost and expense.


Included in the “balance equation” are:

  • Company leave policies and minimum worker requirements for any job
  • Safety requirements
  • Company profit levels

How we help

Dashboards Give Visibility

Attendance on Demand can provide the necessary “view” into your workforce’s daily use of hours including providing daily ratios of  Overtime to Total Hours  Worked as well as ratios of paid time off to total hours worked. These views allow a manager to spot trends and identify why overtime grows as the work week progresses.  Our Dashboard provides various “gauges” to measure and give visibility into related employee work behaviors.

OVT Dashboard


Notice how overtime increases each  week as PTO declines? Unplanned Absences?

Drill Down with Interactive Summaries

More often than not,   it’s important for a corporate manager to not only find the trend but also to find the “facts” behind the trend, where excessive or unplanned overtime is actually occurring.  Attendance on Demand Interactive Summary Sheets allow the manager to “follow the trail” of overtime to discover which work units are producing overtime:

OVT Drill

and even further, which employee’s have the most OT to help understand the situation in which unscheduled or unexpected overtime is occurring.

OVT Drill


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