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"Attendance on Demand helps our organization track FMLA incidents in one place – right where the incidents are the most visible” 


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FLMA Tracking -
Ever Growing Complexity



Mention Family Medical Leave Act to any HR manager and their countenance immediately changes! It’s true that the expansion and complexity of compliance with FMLA has continued to change and evolve during the last few years. Many firms out-source the management of FMLA tracking claims or use other third party solutions to make sure that their firm is applying the law consistently and fairly. Since the law now encompasses intermittent leaves of absence from the workplace, the day to day task of FMLA tracking absences has grown exponentially.


But much of the problem comes from just “tracking” a FMLA incident rather than applying the law. FMLA tracking and processing a related absence is where the real issue is and Attendance on Demand is capable of helping you clear out those daily FMLA related “blues”.


Consider This Scenario

An employee has an unexpected absence due to a child being hurt at school. The immediate manager of the employee is informed, who basically may only know the employee won’t be at work today and claims this to be a FMLA incident. Two or three days, (in some cases 2 or 3 weeks!) later, the employee produces the necessary documentation from the attending physician indicating the purpose of the absence and the necessary course of prescribed medical treatment that will be required over the next couple of weeks. The note is of little concern to the supervisor, but is important for the HR manager. Needless to say, keeping the documentation straight is a problem in itself.


How We Help

Using the role based nature of AoD, imagine this flow of actions based on the scenario above:

The Supervisor

The employee’s supervisor receives a call from the Employee. Supervisor acknowledges absence based on the Dashboard alert in AoD and after “drilling” to the employees’ current timecard and chooses “Address with PND (Pending) FMLA”.

Supervisor Acknowledge Pending


This action removes the exception from the Supervisors Dashboard, adds the necessary documentation in AoD as to when this event occurred and triggers the next step in the FMLA tracking process.


The HR Manager

The HR manager (or FMLA provider) views alert on their Attendance on Demand Dashboard and is aware that documentation should be arriving. The HR Manager can see both those absences that have yet to be marked as Pending as well as those awaiting documentation and resolution:


HR pending Absences


Upon receiving documentation days or even weeks later, the HR manager can drill to the employee’s timecard, view all the unresolved absences


HR Unresolved Absences



and choose the event in question correct option to complete the pending FMLA event resolution.  HR Form  Then the type of FMLA event configured in AoD  HR choices for FLMA


AoD can then automatically deducts the amount from the employee’s FMLA bank for the date of the original absence.


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