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“There are more wage & hour class actions pending in U.S. courts than any other type of lawsuit.” 


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Compliance with Federal Regulations

Every day more and more companies are coming under scrutiny by the Department of Labor for incorrectly applying the Fair Labor Standards Act to their payroll activities. Why not be prepared should an employee file a complaint against your organization? As the old saying goes “the best defense is a good offense…”  Demand more with Attendance on Demand to correctly calculate wages!  While this does sound straight forward, you should ask your current vendor or any other vendor you are considering whether or not their product is 100% FLSA complaint.  What you need to know about our products and what you should ask about:
Does the time and attendance service:

  • Calculate FLSA-compliant overtime wages using the calculation method that you prefer—automatically?
  • Track employee FMLA eligibility, as well as the FMLA hours taken?
  • Is pursuing an SAS 70 Type II audit to ensure customers of adequate financial controls under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act?


Overtime tracking for FLSA compliance

Attendance on Demand helps your organization comply with the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), especially as it relates to overtime pay, and avoid costly litigation.

Click here to see how you can view other litigation in your zip code or state that is provided by the Department of Labor. 

Meet Union Regulations, too!

Attendance on Demand helps you stay in compliance with union bargaining agreements.

  • Calculating Overtime and Shift Differentials.
  • Complex pay rates of Pay.
  • Enforcing Leave management policies.
  • Tracking infractions for absenteeism.
  • Reporting regulations.
  • Guidelines for archiving labor and wage data.

Wondering about how you can track FMLA requests better with Attendance on Demand?  Click here.


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