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“Our biggest concern was that we weren't capturing labor accurately from salaried and hourly employees. AoD and Biometric Clocks solved that!”

HR Manager of Multi – Location Retail Organization


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Biometric Time Clocks


Buddy Punching: Stealing Time - Costing You Money

Employee Time Theft is the term used for when an employee knowingly misrepresents their hours worked. Employing a time and attendance system can greatly reduce your losses eliminating time theft practices of buddy punching, coming to work late, leaving early, and taking a few extra minutes at lunch. All of which add up to unnecessary overtime payments.

Biometric Time Clocks can help

Biometric time clocks provide an accurate and secure data collection solution by requiring that employees be present in order to punch. Biometric time clocks use features of the body to identify individuals, such as a finger template or shape of the hand. Buddy punching--when one employee punches for another--is virtually impossible.
Buddy punching decreases employee morale for the majority of honest workers who become frustrated that they are putting in a full day while a few are not. Biometric time clocks stop buddy punching and also increases workplace security by ensuring that a user is indeed who they say they are.

Return on Investment

Finger or hand readers eliminate time theft, buddy punching, and provide security access control, if needed, in your workplace.  Biometric time clocks provide a quick return on investment by more accurately collecting and reporting time worked and enforcing time and attendance policies.

Don’t want biometric devices?

Must have Time Clock Badge Media Match the Type Used by Your Security Access System?
Talk to us about some of our other innovative approaches to handling Employee Time Theft in those environments where a biometric solution is not feasible.   Click here for more information….



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