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Flint Data CenterAOD's datacenter parter is a premier data center and backup/disaster recovery site. The facility includes 24" Telco grade raised floor area and finished and furnished power-protected office space.

This unique facility offers an outstanding opportunity for not only enterprise firms and service providers, but also individual businesses. Space in the facility can be acquired in large amounts as a production data center; as a disaster recovery site; or per U for colocation. The facility equipped to meet the needs of those firms requiring office space for support staff.



  • Year Built: Rebuilt completely in 2000
  • Origin: formerly used by General Motors, GMAC and Delphi for disaster recovery
  • Single story, concrete and steel stand-alone building with loading docks
  • 18 ft roof deck height and 11 ft finished ceiling
  • 24" Telco grade raised floor area
  • In close proximity of rail, road and air transportation
  • All critical equipment is N+1 or in many cases fully redundant and spare parts maintained or a maintenance contract with a maximum four hour response time


  • Electronic card access, numeric code and biometric readers
  • Customer personnel only have access to the colocation space
  • Power equipment, network infrastructure and network operations equipment are all in separately locked rooms or cages
  • 16 interior and exterior cameras for video surveillance and remote monitoring

Fire Suppression

  • Dry pipe Sprinkler System
  • Double interlock pre-action dry pipe water
  • Laser particle detection protecting critical infrastructure
  • 24x7 monitoring of building alarms


  • (2) 2,000 KVA 8,000 volt utility feeds from separate substations via diverse paths
  • (3) 2,000 amp Emerson switches
  • (1) Emerson 2,000 amp Static Transfer Switch
  • (3) Emerson 562.5 KVA UPS
  • (2) Detroit Diesel 1300 KVA diesel generators
  • Complete DC Power Plant with 96 Batteries (installed Spring 2006 with 15 year life)

HVAC Mechanical

  • 12 Datac Air Handlers 12 ton
  • 8 Liebert System 20 ton Air Handler
  • 5 Liebert System 3 CRAC 20 ton, chillers
  • Commercial HVAC/Heat Pumps for office and common areas


·         Fiber connections: SBC diverse path dual DS3 from separate COs

·         In the process of upgrading to dual GigE connections with multiple backbone providers

  • Proposed GigE will connect with two additional data centers


  • Redundant Cisco network equipment
  • IP block assignment (separate Subnet for each customer)
  • Optional firewall services

Servers and OS

  • Dedicated servers with operating system management are available options

App and DB Mgmt

  • Application or database management are available options

Managed Services

  • Monitoring, Load Balancers, Backup Services and more services are available

Hands On Assistance

  • Technical resources are available onsite for periodic or full-time outsourced assistance

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